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Friday morning after Tyler had breakfast and got ready for the day Brennan pulled him onto the couch to sit between her and Booth. “Tyler, remember we told you that our son Parker stays with us some weekends?”
“Well he’s coming to stay tonight and will go home Sunday after dinner.”
"Where will I go?"
"You'll be staying here with us bud. Parker will be in his room and you'll be in yours like always. We'll do fun stuff like go to the zoo and play games together."
"Okay can l go play now?"
"Yes." Brennan kissed Tyler's head as he slid to the floor
Later on that afternoon Booth got Parker from Rebecca's. "Bub, remember when Bones and I told you we were going to try and become foster parents?"
"Well a few weeks ago we became foster parents to a 4 1/2 year old boy named Tyler."
"Yeah. Parks Tyler hasn't had it easy his last foster parents were abusive. They hit him and severely broke his arm."
"Is it okay now?"
"It's getting there. Parker Tyler will be afraid of you, he doesn’t trust people he doesn’t know. He still has a hard time trusting me and Bones.”
“What do I do?”
“Be patient with him and don’t take it hard if he won’t look at you and is really clingy to Bones or me. Don’t worry if you hear him crying at night; he has nightmares sometimes and it takes a while to get him settled down and back to sleep.”
“Okay.” the rest of the ride home was mostly silent, until Booth turned onto their street. “Parker, are you nervous about this?” you don’t have to be, Tyler will be fine once he gets to know you.”
“Dad, does this mean we’ll never do stuff together anymore?”
“No, we’ll still do stuff together, just sometimes Tyler will be with us.”
“Okay.” Booth turned into the driveway. When they entered the house they found Brennan putting a casserole dish of macaroni and cheese into the oven. “Hi Parker.”
“Hi Bones. Did you make macaroni and cheese?”
“No, it’s spinach lasagna.” Parker pouted, Brennan chuckled. “Of course I made macaroni and cheese. It’s been a month since you’ve been here, and you know I make it once a month when you come over. It’ll be done in about a half hour, let’s go meet Tyler, okay?”
“Okay.” Brennan put an arm around Parker, pulling him closer and kissing his temple. They found
Tyler playing with Parker’s old play mats. “Tyler, this is our other son, Parker, remember we told you he was going to stay the weekend with us.”
“Yeah.” Tyler stood up and went to Booth, and he picked him up. “Tyler, can you say hi?”
“Hi.” Tyler buried his face in Booth’s shoulder.
“Hi Tyler.”
“Hey bud, why don’t you go show Parker your toys? He’ll play with you until dinner.”
“K.” Booth put Tyler down and Parker followed him to his room.
“Do you think it was wise to force Tyler into playing with Parker?’
“I didn’t force him into anything, Bones he wasn’t scared-“just then they heard Tyler laugh, Booth smiled. ”Does that sound like he’s being forced into anything?”
“No. Help me with the salad?”
An hour and a half later dinner had been eaten, leftovers put away for breakfast and/or lunch tomorrow, the dishwasher packed and Parker and Tyler had ran off somewhere. “Bones, they’re fine, I don’t hear any screaming, yelling or crying, that’s a good thing. They’re getting along and despite Parker being a lot older he’s having fun, no matter what he says.”
“I know but I’m still going to check on them.” Brennan got up from the couch.
Booth chuckled, “just be discreet.”
Brennan rolled her eyes and headed to the back of the house, only to return a few minutes later smiling. “They’re in the man cave sprawled out on the couch watching movie.”
“Let's watch a movie ourselves, we haven’t had much alone time lately. The boys are okay and I don’t think they need or want us encroaching on their fun.”
“Fine, I’m making snacks first.”
“Sounds good Bones.”
Twenty minutes later Brennan carried a tray with two bowls of popcorn, assorted candy, and juice boxes to the man cave.
Parker smiled when he saw what Brennan had brought them. “Thanks Bones.”
Brennan smiled, “you’re welcome Parker.” Brennan turned to Tyler. “Are you having fun, sweetheart?”
“Uh-huh.” Brennan smiled and grabbed two throw blankets from the back of Booth’s chair and covered them both up. Brennan went into the living room grabbing her own throw blanket before joining Booth. “Tyler is watching The Lion King for the hundredth time. What are we watching?” Booth turned on the TV, Brennan groaned,”’ The Client’ we’ve seen this a hundred times, the book is better than the film adaptation. that’s why I have not allowed my books to be made into films.”
“I know but I like the movie, and besides you have a thing for Anthony Edwards.”
“I do not!”
“Yes you do Bones. I’m totally secure being second place to an actor.”
“You aren’t second place Booth. You, Parker, and Tyler are in a three way tie for first across the board with everything.”
Booth smiled, “I know I was just teasing. But you do have a thing for Anthony Edwards.”
“Maybe I do a little, just start the movie.” Booth hit the play button. When the movie was over and they’d polished off their snacks, Brennan turned to Booth. “I’m going to get Tyler ready for bed then maybe we can go spend time with Parker and watch something geared toward teenagers rather than younger kids.”
“Sounds good, I’ll be in to tell him goodnight when you’re done.”
“Okay.” Brennan headed to the man cave, she smiled when she went through the door; the two boys were asleep, the snacks were gone, and the movie was on the DVD menu. Brennan lifted Tyler into her arms he whimpered, “shhh sweetheart, I’m just going to put you in bed, go back to sleep.” Brennan rubbed his back as she headed to his room. Once Tyler was in his bed, Brennan headed back to the man cave and shook Parker’s shoulder. “Parker wake up and go to your room and go to sleep.”
“Mmm.”Parker got up and stumbled his way to the door before striating out and going to his room. Brennan followed him to his room and pulled the covers up around him and kissed his temple. Booth looked up as he heard Brennan coming down the hall.”That was fast.”
“I just put him in bed; he and Parker were out cold. I got Parker up long enough for him to walk to his bedroom and I don’t think he knew I was there let alone that I covered him up.”
“Yeah, 5 am hockey practice started last Friday. I’ll still go say goodnight to both of them.”Brennan nodded. Booth stopped by Tyler’s room and picked up the flop eared stuffed dog that been tossed from the bed then he placed a light kiss on his forehead and whispered,” good night bud. I love you.” he then went next door to parker’s room and did the same except for the dog being tossed aside it was Parker’s leg that had fallen from the bed. Booth put his leg in bed and pulled the covers up and whispered goodnight, kissing his forehead.
The next morning after a big helping of Booth’s dinosaur pancakes and bacon, he went outside with the boys to play on the swing set. Brennan was inside going through the kitchen to see what she needed for her big shopping trip, when Booth carried a crying Tyler in to the kitchen. “Bones, we’ve had an injury. “ Brennan could tell it wasn’t serious by Booth’s normal tone of voice. Booth sat Tyler in a chair. “Apparently the sand box has splinters and Tyler has one or more in the palm of his hand.”
Brennan winced and got the first aid kit from the cabinet and went over to Tyler’s chair and knelt down.
“Sweetheart, I know your hand hurts, but I need to look at it so I can make it better, okay?”
“K.” Tyler held his hand out and let Brennan look at it. “All right sweetie, I can make your hand feel better, but it’s going to hurt a little and you’re going to have to hold your hand really still, okay?”
Brennan looked up and smiled at Tyler and grabbed a napkin from the holder on the table and wiped his tears. “It’s okay Tyler Booth and I aren’t mad at you or anything, this is not your fault. It was an accident and I’m sure Booth will fix the sandbox so it won’t have splinters anymore.” Parker came in the house then.
“I’ll do that as soon as I go back outside, bud. “Booth kissed the top of Tyler’s head and moved to stand behind his chair to hold him still if need be. Brennan dabbed his hand before taking the tweezes and removing the first offending piece of wood.”Tyler, there are three more splinters in your hand, can you hold still a little bit longer? You’re doing really well.”
Brennan smiled and removed the next two splinters. “Tyler, the last splinter is a little deeper than the others. It might hurt more than the others did.”Tyler nodded. Brennan got the splinter out and stood up, “Tyler, now you need to wash your hands to get the germs, then I’ll put some medicine and a band aid on it.”
Booth picked him up and headed to the sink. Brennan helped him with the soap and water then she gently dried his hand. Then Booth held on to him while Brennan applied the antiseptic and band aids. “There Sweetheart I’m all done.” Tyler held his arms out and Brennan took him from Booth. “Are you okay sweetheart. “
“Do you want to go grocery shopping with me?”
“Okay.” Brennan kissed his forehead.”Parker do you want to go with me?”
Brennan kissed Tyler’s forehead again and handed him to Booth.
“See you two in a little while. Do you two want anything?”
Tyler shook his head, Booth mouthed ice cream.
Brennan smiled, “okay.”
Half way to the store Parker turned to Brennan, “Bones, why did you tell Tyler that getting splinters wasn’t his fault…he should know that…”
“He should, but his last foster parents convinced him that everything that happened to him was his fault and that any adult he was around would be upset with him. They also told him that showing any emotion was bad.”
“Do you like having a little brother?”
“You know the more he gets used to being around you the less he’ll be afraid of you. He used to be really afraid of your dad and me, but he’s getting used to us.”
They got to the store and got everything on the list plus two flavors of ice cream and a few other snacks. Brennan and Parker came home to an empty living room, Brennan turned to Parker. “There’s a game on, your dad and Tyler are probably in the man cave watching it. Why don’t you go watch it with them? I’ll put everything away then I’ll bring you three some snacks. “
a half hour later Brennan came in with a bowl of cheese and salsa dip, plus a small bowl of plain cheese dip incase Tyler didn’t like it with the salsa in it, and chips. She sat the food plus napkins and plates on the table and turned to leave. Booth gently pulled her onto the couch and put his arm around her.”Stay.” Brennan nodded leaned forward grabbing plates and serving spoonfuls of dip and chips. Tyler surprisingly liked the cheese and salsa dip and after eating as much of it as he could hold he laid with his head in Brennan’s lap and his feet in Booth’s, not watching the game, but enjoying the afternoon.

A/N: I don’t know what is going to happen next I have ideas for the next two chapters but I don’t know what I want to do first…I’m thing drama is next up….



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