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Better circumstances B&B Fan Fic Chapter 7

It was Thursday and Booth and Brennan had Tyler up early; he had a 9:00 appointment with the orthopedist to check the healing progress of his arm.
Brennan was helping Tyler with his shirt when she asked, “Tyler, do you know what is going to happen today?”
“You are going to go to the doctor so he can look at your arm to make sure it is healing like it should.”
“Will it hurt?”
“Not really, but the doctor might have to move your arm a little and that might hurt. They’re going to take an x-ray, a picture, of the bones inside your arm.”
“Will it hurt?”
“No, but you have to be really still while they do that, okay?”
“The doctor will take your cast off, that won’t hurt, but I’ll be loud and it’ll get a little hot.”
“Are you gonna come too?”
“Yes, Seeley and I will be with you the entire time. You’ll have to take the x-ray by yourself, but won’t take long and Seeley and I will be waiting for you when you’re done. Erica will also be there.” Tyler tensed. “Tyler, it’s okay you are going to be with Seeley and I, Erica isn’t going to take you with her. She’s just coming with us to make sure your arm is okay.”
“K.” Brennan smiled and picked Tyler up and carried him to the car, they on the verge of being late. The doctor’s office was full by the time they got there with 5 minutes to spare. Erica came in behind them and stood to the side. Brennan and Booth snagged the only remaining free chairs in the place; Tyler sat on Brennan’s lap. “Relax sweetheart.” Brennan rubbed Tyler’s back and kissed the top of his head. Twenty minutes later Tyler’s name was called and the four of them followed the nurse to the x-ray lab. The nurse noticed Tyler’s apprehensive look and said, “One of you can come in with him.”
“You go Bones; you’re the one he trusts the most if he gets scared.”
“Okay come on Tyler.” Brennan put her arm around Tyler’s shoulders and they went to x ray. Tyler froze when they got into the room and Brennan spoke softly, “Tyler, remember what I told you, this isn’t going hurt you just need to be really still. Can you do that?” Tyler nodded. Brennan kissed the top of his head and they went over to the table and got the x-ray taken. They all crowded in the exam room, Tyler sitting on the exam table holding on to Brennan’s shirt with a death grip. Brennan rubbed his back while Booth placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Tyler, sweetheart relax, I know this part is scary and it might hurt, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. When you’re done we can go to the Zoo and the diner if you want or just the diner for early lunch or just the zoo.”
Just then the orthopedist, Doctor Spencer came in, “Good morning all. Tyler how does your arm feel?” Doctor Spencer popped the pre and post surgery x-rays up on the light box along with the x ray they’d just taken.
Tyler tensed, Brennan whispered,” Tyler, it’s okay you can tell him.”
“It doesn’t hurt much anymore.”
“That’s fantastic! Tyler’s arm is healing well, there are no complications. He needs to stay in the cast three to four more weeks, he’s healed significantly, but he has more to go. When we do get the cast off, I am recommending that he be in a splint for three weeks. ”
Brennan gently pried Tyler’s fingers from her shirt, “Tyler, I’ll be right back I am going to go look at your x ray. Booth will sit with you, okay?”
“K.” Booth traded places with Brennan as she went up to confirm Doctor Spencer’s findings. “I concur with the purposed course of treatment. “ Doctor Spencer couldn’t help his tiny smile. Clearing his throat he said,”Tyler, why don’t we get you a new cast, something not so heavy and something with some color. How does that sound?” Tyler was silent, Doctor Spencer smiled at him having read a brief history he wasn’t surprised at no response. The doctor got the tools he needed to remove the cast.
“Tyler this isn’t going to hurt, it’s just going to be loud and get a little hot. You’re going to have to sit really still while I take the cast off and put on the new one, can you do that?”
“Great. What’s your favorite color?”
“That’s my favorite too. Do you want that color?”
Tyler looked at Brennan,” Tyler you can get any color you want.”
“I want green.”
“Okay green it is.” Doctor Spencer started to remove Tyler’s cast, he tensed.
“Tyler, relax lean into Brennan, close your eyes for me okay?”
Tyler nodded and leaned into Brennan and closed his eyes. Brennan kissed the top of his head, Booth stood behind him ready to hold him still if he needed to and rubbed his back. A few minutes later the cast was off and the nurse began to clean his arm, Tyler panicked and began to pull his arm away, Brennan knowing that the action could cause further injury and pain gently took Tyler’s arm. “Sweetheart don’t pull your arm back like that, it’ll hurt more. “ Tyler nodded and kept his arm still, but started crying. Brennan kissed the top of his head and comforted him the best she could without picking him up. An hour later Booth strapped Tyler and his green cast into his booster seat. “Are you ready to go to the diner bud?”
“All right then do you want to go to the zoo?”
Booth frowned, Tyler loved the Zoo and the diner “Do you just want to go home?”
“Okay.” Booth kissed Tyler’s forehead. Booth closed Tyler’s door and opened his own and climbed in next to Brennan. “Tyler just wants to go home.”
Brennan nodded, “he might not feel well now or be having some pain.”
Booth nodded and headed home. Once Tyler was in the house he went straight to his room. Brennan waited about twenty minutes and went after him; it wasn’t like Tyler to stay in his room for more than sleeping. Brennan found Tyler on his bed playing with a truck and his stuffed dog. “Tyler, what’s wrong?”
“You’re mad at me.” Brennan sat down on the bed, “Why am I mad at you?”
“Because I was bad,”
“How were you bad Tyler? “
“I cried.”
Brennan scooped Tyler up, toys and all, and held him close, rocking him.”Tyler, I’m not mad at you. You weren’t bad… crying doesn’t mean you were bad, you were upset and scared …not bad.”
“But Maggie said-“
“Baby, Maggie is wrong Crying does not make you bad, understand?”
“Do you want to go to the diner or something?”
“Do you want me to read to you for a little while?”
“Okay pick out as many books as you want while I go talk to Booth. “
Brennan put Tyler on the floor near his bookcase and went to find Booth.
“Hey Bones, Tyler okay?”
“Yes and no, he thinks I am mad at him because he was bad-“
“How was he bad? All he did was cry and that’s understandable.”
“I know, but Maggie told him crying is bad. “
“Poor little guy. “
“Yeah, we’re going to read and cuddle for a while, I’m going to ice his arm, it probably hurts but he won’t say anything.”
“Okay, sounds good I’ll come check on you two in a while and see what Tyler wants from the diner and get it to go.”
“Thanks Booth.”
You’re welcome Bones. It’s only been three weeks he needs time still.”
“I know but it's moments like this that make me hate the Kramer’s more than I do on a normal day.”
“I know me too.”
An hour later Booth found Brennan holding Tyler as he slept. “I guess he’s skipping lunch…”
Brennan looked up and smiled, “Yeah, we both are, I don’t want to put him down…”
Booth chuckled and smiled, “I love you.”
“Love you too Booth.”

A/N: Parker will meet Tyler in the next chapter….




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